Industrial Designs are another powerful protective instrument against third parties through the conferral of exclusive rights, complementary to those awarded by patents and trademarks but independent of them. This protection is particularly recommended when the object to be protected, whether two or three-dimensional, has a totally or partially unique design or decoration warranting said exclusive rights.

Through its Technical Department, HERRERO & ASOCIADOS offers a comprehensive service for preparing and presenting Industrial Designs in Spain, Portugal, Brazil , Mexico in the European Union and abroad. This consultancy service includes not just the formal preparation of the elements both necessary and sufficient for protecting a shape creation, but also extends to the preparation of an optimal strategy for achieving the best protection and the lowest possible cost.

HERRERO & ASOCIADOS is also backed by its Legal Consultancy Department in the protection and defence of the Designs and offers both technical and legal consulting, which translates to a totally comprehensive service for this kind of protection.

Our Design Department offers:

  • Industrial design portfolio management and consulting.
  • Strategic industrial design planning worldwide.
  • Design searches and registrability assessments.
  • Searches and watches on our clients' own and third-party design rights.
  • Filing, prosecution, and maintenance industrial designs in Europe and Latin America countries.
  • Acting directly on behalf of clients as their authorized representatives before the SPTO, INPI, IMPI, OHIM, and WIPO.
  • Opposing third-party designs, defending against third-party oppositions.

Just as with patents and trademarks, HERRERO & ASOCIADOS has a specific registration service for Designs in Latin America which guarantees better professional and administrative quality and considerable cost savings.

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