Management Domains

Domain names on the Internet are the equivalent of the brand, an intangible asset of great value to protect your business. In Herrero & ASOCIADOS know brand and apply to domains like the same attention and services brands.

Related services DOMAINS Herrero & Asociados offers are not limited to registration and renewals, but a large multidisciplinary team with over 15 years experience in this field offers a dedicated range of services:

  • Analysis and domain registration strategies
  • Reunification and portfolio optimization domain (regardless of volume)
  • Studies and reports on the protection of trademarks and Internet domain
  • Update entitlements
  • Negotiations for the purchase of third-party domains
  • Pre-Registrations for all new gTLDs.

Always with the mark of close and committed collaboration trademark in Herrero & Asociados face each client in a personalized way, with a consultant approach to find the solution that best suits the interests of each company.

Registrants' Rights and Responsibilities Under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement approved by ICANN:


DNS management

With our panel you can easily perform the management of primary and secondary DNS servers for your domains, but our vocation is to help our customers with a comprehensive management of the simplest and most effective way.

One of our hosting plans is the perfect platform for their domains but must point to another hosting, no problem, you can manage the DNS at will.

Domain parking

Your Parked Domains may display a page of simple presentation, with a basic text in HTML markup.

Advanced management DNS

(advanced monitoring / 24x7).
If you want to get a real guarantee that 99.99% of the services associated with their critics online domains are completely stable, since Herrero & Asociados provide DNS service redundadas in CPD's located at different geographical locations in different continents. This service allows a preventive security against DDoS attacks and network outages and certifies a High Availability and total assurance that the domain is what solves the load shock, as the traffic load is distributed among different servers to support large query loads and mitigate DDoS attacks.


Trademark Clearinghouse

The TMCH is a global database designed for holders of registered trademarks anywhere in the world, have a protection tool against third parties to register a domain name in any of the new gTLDs, trademark coincident with (HERRERO.WEB eg, HERRERO.MADRID, HERRERO.MAIL, etc.). The regsitrada mark can be registered for one, three or five years.

The TMCH has a dual function:

  • Allow trademark owners who have made their deposit and credited use, the registration of a gTLD on the call or preferred Sunrise log phase. Only owners of registered trademarks in the TMCH may register a gTLD in that stage.
  • If a third party requests a gTLD domain match in the TMCH a registered trade mark, the proprietor of that mark will receive a notice that you can decide whether you want to block that domain registration because it hurts.


Hosting and VPS

Develop your online presence with safety and soundness, just tell us how your website or application and what your goals are, and we will advise the hosting plan that best suits your needs. And if in the future we need to grow no problem!, We will always be on time to climb to more powerful plans.

We are members of RIPE, the body that allocates IP addresses in Europe, so we have a proper address for better connectivity.

Our data center, located in Spain to comply with the Data Protection Act have environmental control systems to maintain thermal conditions of 20 degrees Celsius (+ - 1.5 degrees) and humidity of 50% (+ - 10%).

Technical fire protection and redundant uninterruptible power supplies that are activated in a power outage and measures to guarantee the security service and the inviolability of the data.

Virtual servers (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is partitioning a physical server acting independently, similar to a dedicated but sharing resources such as memory or processor server mode, which allows us to cut costs.

The VPS offer full independent unlimited access (root access), and are an economical and efficient alternative to host applications, Web, mail service, etc.. with full autonomy.


Custom Cloud

Your cloud server under more secure infrastructure and cutting-edge technology in cloud systems market: Virtuozzo and VMware.

If any physical alteration to blow on your server would be automatically replaced by another machine in seconds. High scalable flexibility, we can use the exact resources RAM, disk, and CPU transfer, and expand at any time. Your company may be in the cloud and continue to grow without having to think about infrastructure investments, a sustained and predictable monthly cost.



Security certificates

By installing an SSL certificate we get any information sent from your server to be encrypted, making it impossible interception or theft. Also visitors and your e-Commerce Web or accede with greater confidence, because they can check at any time that your domain or url has a security certificate at the same time you have available the identity of the company behind the website . Users can also see the name of the independent authority who verified that authority, in this case truly work with leading companies in this field: Geotrust and Verisign.


Just Free Spam protection for the entire domain and mailboxes and unlimited users at a very low cost. SPAMEXPERTS is a SaaS solution, no maintenance or manual updates. Consult us without obligation and be amazed of the price and results.


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