Following the developments regarding the entrance of Brazil in the Madrid protocol, new resolutions have been issued by the Brazilian INPI

The Trademark Office (“BPTO”) published in the Brazilian Official Gazette No. 2540 of September 10, 2019 two new resolutions on the prosecution of trademark applications in Brazil related to the Madrid Protocol.

The Resolution No. 247/2019 establishes the guidelines the prosecution of trademark applications, related to the filing, owner, language, irregularities, rectifications and examination. Please note some of them:

  • International applications, petitions and communications must be written in Spanish or English;
  • International trademark application through BRPTO may be requested by individuals or legal entities from Brazil, domiciled or having an effective industrial or commercial establishment in the country, provided they have the basic applications or registrations.

The Resolution No. 248/2019 establishes the multiclass system, where it allows the specification of products and services related to more than one class. If only a few classes are accepted, the order split may be requested. If more information is required, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.