The BRPTO is finalizing a system that will enable the user to expedite the retrieval of the opinions generated during the examination of patent applications and published in the Official Gazette (RPI). The system, which makes the opinions available for consultation and downloaded by machines, was presented by the Patent Directory and the General Coordination of Information Technology on July 15 to the Brazilian Association of Industrial Property Agents (ABAPI) and the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI), in order to answer questions and raise suggestions.

The initiative is within the scope of the Backlog Combat Plan, aiming to facilitate access to documents produced by examiners, in preliminary opinions, search reports or other technical opinions related to the examination of applications.

The system, which will start operating in August, will retrieve documents relating to patent applications with order 6.20 (pre-examination opinion), 6.21 (technical opinion with document search performed by IP offices in other countries) and 6.22 (technical opinion without search from other IP offices).

This is one of the procedures that the Brazilian INPI is implementing in order to speed up the work of the examiners, giving them more tools for accelerating the examination procedure

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